Microsoft Surface Laptop Review

We have tested the Microsoft Surface Laptop, a device that has recently been introduced and is a model that comes to compete from you to you with computers such as Apple MacBook or Xiaomi – which we have reviewed. This is what the new product from the Redmond company offers.

This computer is finished in metal, so its Premium appearance is remarkable. For this to be so, it also includes the finish of the keyboard called Alcantara, which is like velvety. And, the truth is that the touch it offers is really positive and comfortable (although it remains to be seen if it accumulates much dirt with the passage of time). By the way, one thing that we liked a lot is that the cover of the Microsoft Surface Laptop can be opened with just one hand … which is ideal for use in conditions of mobility.

Using Microsoft Surface Laptop

The operating system that is included in Microsoft Surface Laptop is Windows 10 S , the version that only allows to install applications of the store of Microsoft. And, the truth is that it does not work badly, but the limitation we comment on is noted. Of course, it is possible to jump to the Pro version of Microsoft’s development, which is what is indicated and, therefore, is not exactly a failure since simply updating takes the necessary step.

Good feelings of Microsoft Surface Laptop

The appearance of the device is really good, it is attractive and minimalist since the only thing you see is the Windows logo and, this is attractive and fits with what is currently in the market. In what has to do with the weight, the Microsoft Surface Laptop offers is 1,250 grams, so it is very transportable and in what has to do with dimensions highlights that the thickness stays in 1.5 centimeters. In short, that is striking the laptop.

With a quality fabrication, which is even seen on the hinges, the keyboard is comfortable to use and with a touchpad of more than enough dimensions for the use to be as comfortable as effective. This component is backlit and, in fact, it has convinced us fully when using text input or use shortcuts – not to forget the finish discussed earlier in Microsoft Surface Laptop, which is differential.

Before going on to comment on pure and hard hardware, it must be said that connectivity has lights and shadows. There is no lack of WiFi, Bluetooth and, of course, the port called Surface that is proprietary. In addition, USB 3.0 and DisplayPort are included … but, surprisingly, it does not have USB type C, which is almost a standard nowadays and offers ample use options. Surprising and, certainly, we did not like it.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Side Connections

Full on hardware

So that’s it. This equipment, as is generally the case with those manufactured by the Redmond company, includes an Intel processor. Specifically, it is possible to use the new generation of Core i5 and Core i7, depending on the power requirements that are. The graphics integrated in each case is different, being the following: Graphics HD 620 and Iris Plus Graphics 640, respectively. Clearly games are not a goal. The RAM comes in several options, since it is possible to choose 4, 8 or 16 GB, something that we like since this way the user is the one who decides what needs.

The storage, fast as we have been able to verify when running applications and perform readings and data writes, corresponds to SSD, where again there are several possibilities: 128, 126 or 512 GB, which is not bad. And, the truth is that all this set has left us a very good impression on the use, where although the video editions are a little far, with standard software must be said that the Microsoft Surface Laptop is “a shot.”

Game on Microsoft Surface Laptop

In what has to do with autonomy, in our tests we have achieved an average of 11 hours of normal use, it does not reach the fourteen indicated by Microsoft, but it is not bad and allows a working day without recharging without the slightest problem. In addition, we have not detected any overheating.

Microsoft Surface Laptop operating system

Microsoft Surface Laptop Final Issues

This computer comes with a 13.5-inch screen with a resolution of 2,256 x 1,504 (201 dpi). It is a tactile component and has Gorilla Glass protection and, the truth is that we liked it enough in representation of the color and brightness, so it does not envy anyone in the market today. In sound, more powerful than expected thanks to its two loudspeakers , has been a pleasant surprise.

With a camera with quality 720p (HD), which is sufficient for video conferencing, the lowest price for which the Microsoft Surface Laptop can be obtained is 1,150 euros, being the most expensive of 2,500 €. A Tope Range model, no doubt.

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