Rademacher DuoFern multiple wall switch Review

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SmartHome radio switch: Rademacher DuoFern multiple wall switch


Hand transmitter laid and smartphone left in the car ? And how should blinds and light be controlled now? Very easily! With a radio switch like the multiple wall switch 9494-1 from Rademacher . This allows up to 8 DuoFern devices to be registered and controlled. I have tested the multiple wall switch for you. You can read my test report here.

Scope of delivery and packaging of the radio switch

What is the Radgeacher 9494-1 multi-wall switch?

  • 1x control unit (50 x 50 mm), with detachable protective cover for the inscription
  • 1x Spacer
  • 1x cover frame
  • 1x wall holder
  • 1x battery (type: CR2450 / Li-Mn)
  • 1x double-sided adhesive strip
  • 1x Labeling insert
  • 1x Instruction manual

I got the multiple wall switch in the usual Rademacherpackung. At first glance, he does not look spectacular and even unstable. Let’s see if he can convince me anyway.

Print the label

The inscription is made of plastic. It immediately reminded me of the “extinguishing paper” from my earlier school notebooks.

So that you do not have to remember exactly which DuoFern device with key 1 and which reacts with key 4, the inscription insert can be simply printed and placed under the transparent plastic cover of the wall button .

Important note : The inscription pad can only be printed with a laser printer . If you do not have a laser printer, you can alternatively use standard printer paper as a label insert . On the Rademacher website you can create and print individual inscriptions with the help of templates. Make sure you print the label on a Din-A 6 paper.

Alternatively, you can insert symbols or text and symbols for the keys instead of text.

I personally find this support super smart.

I have printed the original with normal standard printer paper. However, the printing was more cumbersome than expected. After I have determined that Din-A 4 is a lot too big for the small multi-wall button, I wanted to change the format to Din-A 6. My printer struck, so I had to relocate something: I have the template of Rademacher Copied and inserted into Word to make it fit into the multi-wall key.

It is sufficient that template just under the transparent cover to place , and then put the cover back on the control panel.

Rademacher radio switch

Rademacher radio switch

Mounting the radio switch

In contrast to the printing of the inscription, the mounting has been quite simple. I explain how this works.

Step 1

First, you should consider carefully whether you want to stick or fix the wall holder , because this radio switch from Rademacher is both possible . I chose the faster version, the sticking.

Step 2

  1. First, remove the protective film from the adhesive strip, which is included in the scope of delivery, and stick it to the back of the wall holder . The wall holder is the black frame. If this step is done, you can also remove the second protective film and press it firmly to the selected mounting position.
  2. Do you want to wall mount screw , must first, of course, mounting holes pre-drilled and appropriate dowels and fixing screws are used . But these are not having supplied

Step 3

Then, carefully pull the separation film from the battery compartment and push the distance holder from the rear of the control unit. Then comes the cover frame and finally the operating part. If everything is jammed, you are ready with the assembly.

Log in from DuoFern devices

Now we are slowly approaching the matter: the DuoFern devices can be registered.

How this works, I show you now.

  1. First the desired DuoFern device is switched to the registration mode . In my test I would like to use the radio wall socket by means of the multiple wall switch. So I have to put the socket in their registration mode.
  2. To switch the multi-wall switch to the registration mode, the buttons 1 and 2 (the upper opposite keys) must be pressed for about one second . To confirm the LEDs 1 and 2 flash green and the remaining LEDs also lit.
  3. In order to register the intermediate plug , I had to press the desired button group , and then the LEDs of the still free buttons glowed green.
  4. Now you can register more DuoFern devices if you want.

Unsubscribe from DuoFern devices

To log off, the desired DuoFern device must be switched to its disconnection mode. The multi-wall switch must then be set to the disconnect mode. This is done by pressing keys 5 and 6 simultaneously for one second. In this flash the LEDs 5 and 6 red. After a successful logout, the LEDs of the associated button will turn green.

Log in to HomePilot®

So that one device via its DuoFern wireless switches can control, it must be registered once at HomePilot®.

  1. To do this, open the user interface of the HomePilot® and click the “Configuration” button and then Log on Devices”.
  2. Then the multi- wall key must also be set to the registration mode again. To do this, the keys 1 and 2 are pressed again, and the multi- wall key is displayed in the table of the devices that the HomePilot® has found.
  3. If you click on it, an individual name and a symbol can be assigned. The multi-wall switch can be used immediately.
Rademacher DuoFern Configure multiple wall buttons

Rademacher DuoFern Configure multiple wall buttons

Activate and operate the jog mode

Jalousies can be operated very simply via jogging . To enable jog mode, perform the following steps.

  1. Activate the switching mode . This is done by pressing buttons 2 and 5 simultaneously for one second. The LEDs 2 and 5 then flash red.
  2. If the switchover option is available for a button group, the associated LEDs 1 to 6 are lit green.
    – If the left LED is lit green , the jog mode is deactivated .
    – If the right LED is lit green , the jog mode is activated .
  3. To turn the slats, just press the control button briefly.
  4. By pressing the control button for a long time, the blind can be moved to its final position. The ride can be stopped by briefly tapping.

Functional test

Now I really want to know whether the multi-wall button also works. To my Rademacher radio socket I have a lamp connected. (The Rademacher radio socket I have also tested for you by the way. )

If I have registered the keys correctly, I would have to control the intermediate plug and thus the lamp can bring to light.

Let’s see if that works.

And really. To the test I have the lamp before already switched on. If I now press the left button, the lamp goes out because the intermediate plug has also been switched off. If I press the right button again, both devices return .

Pretty smart, is not it?

Conclusion to the radio switch

You can control DuoFern devices with a multi-wall scanner, without having to pull the smartphone or the hand transmitter. This is quite handy, as I think. Although the multi-wall switch seemed to me to be somewhat unstable at the beginning, he still convinced me .


  • Very simple mounting for gluing or screwing
  • Inscriptions on rademacher.de
  • Facilitates controlling the Smart Home
  • Registration of up to 8 DuoFern devices


  • In the best case, inscription inserts should only be printed with a laser printer
  • No indication of which Din-A size is required (DIN-A 6 ranges)
  • Cumbersome printing

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