Fitbit Charge 2 Review

For a few days, the Fitbit Charge 2 has been accompanying me in my everyday life. It is time for a conclusion and the answer to the question: Is the purchase of the gadget worth it?

The Fitbit Charge (HR) is one of the most successful fitness tracker of recent years and has sold very well. In the summer Fitbit then presented the successor, the Charge 2. Here, in contrast to the predecessor, there is only one model.

Features of Fitbit Charge 2

The pulse meter is now standard. A vibration motor was also installed in the belt again. He points to successes and incoming messages. However, the Charge 2 now has a larger display that displays more details.


The Charge 2 goes strongly in the direction of Fitbit Blaze. Although it is not marketed as a fitness watch, it does not have the typical shape, but it has the necessary functions. Such as calendar notifications, the display of messages, and the option to display an incoming call. You can also choose between several dials and exchange them.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is unfortunately still not waterproof. A point of criticism of the first generation, the Fitbit with the second model unfortunately did not correct.


Band at the Fitbit Charge 2

The option to change the tape is, in contrast to the predecessor, also given the Charge 2. Both optics are similar. Since you can now change the tapes, Fitbit has also introduced directly a few tapes. At the start there are various rubber bands and three high-quality leather bracelets.

The exchange of a band is relatively easy. The removal requires some pressure, but I was not afraid to destroy the gadget. Installing is easier.


Charge 2 is a typical Fitbit bracelet

Anyone who already had a Fitbit Charge (HR) on the wrist, will also feel right with the Charge 2 well. If one liked the first Charge. The device is not only visually similar to the predecessor, it is also so. It’s just a thick rubber band with a built-in fitness tracker.

The tape is thicker on the upper side. The closure is like that of a watch. The tapes are also available in different sizes. The tracker with the display but not. The processing of the Charge 2 is good, but the quality, which is normal for a fitness tracker, is rather average.


A lot of rubber is used. After all, the tracker itself is made of aluminum and not plastic. The Fitbit Charge 2 feels like a typical Fitbit-Band on the wrist. The tapes have evolved since the flex, but still feel the same. I had all the models on my wrist.

Fitbit 2 is a worthy successor to the Charge HR

The big question I asked myself about Charge 2: Is it a successful upgrade for Charge HR? This is quite the case. You get a much better display and the display of messages and calls is quite a big plus. The “full” dials are also nice.

The Charge 2 reminded me strongly of the Blaze watch. It is like a mixture of Charge HR and blaze. This description is true I think quite well. The smart functions are unfortunately very limited. There are missing important apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. However, Charge 2 does not even claim to be a fitness smartwatch. It’s just a fitness tracker with smart features. And this task fulfills the Charge 2 very well.


Fitbit ecosystem has its price

I personally like the Fitbit app. In the private environment Fitbit is also often used and it is also quite nice to measure with others. The Fitbit ecosystem, however, has its price. For the Fitbit Charge 2 you have to put almost 150 euros on the table ( price comparison ). This is unfortunately a decent sum.

In my test I always had to think about the numerous alternatives to the Charge 2, which are usually cheaper. For example the Mi volume 2 of Xiaomi. This does not cost a third of the charge. The market for fitness bracelets is overfilled and almost every week new ones are added.


Fitbit has a name, a good ecosystem of accessories, a decent app and also good gadgets, but price-wise this is really bordering. Above all: for almost 100 euros more, I often get a full-fledged Smartwatch. For example, Apple Watch the first generation. This I use and it is in my opinion a Charge 2 far superior. A Smartwatch with Android Wear is now even available for 20-30 euros more.

Fitbit Charge 2 would have to be cheaper

What I’d like to get out of: I like the Charge HR, it’s a good fitness tracker. I also like the Charge 2, it is a sensible development. What I am, and I have already complained with the Blaze, Charge 2 interferes: The price. There are equivalent products in the market for much less money and there are also better products that do not necessarily cost much more money.

The Charge 2 is for me one of the best fitness tracker, but I would not buy it. He is not smart enough. It is a simple fitness tracker and here there are just good alternatives. If you want smart features and fitness in one, I recommend a smart watch with good fitness features. If you just like a simple fitness tracker, you will find good alternatives. I think 99 euros would be a price for which I would recommend the Fitbit Charge 2.


Conclusion on Fitbit Charge 2

Let’s make it short: You really want a wearable from Fitbit? The Charge 2 is in my opinion the best device of the manufacturer. You want a simple and affordable fitness tracker? There are better alternatives. You want a device that also has smart features? Instead, choose a full-fledged Smartwatch.

From my site there is a limited purchase recommendation. The Fitbit Charge 2 is interesting for Fitbit users, but only for Fitbit users. As always, it is said at this point: What you do with such a gadget and what you need it in the end, depends on the respective person. This article is my personal and purely subjective conclusion about the Charge 2.

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