Teufel Move Pro Review

The Berlin loudspeaker and headphone company Teufel complete their Move series with a pro variant. For almost twice the price there is not only a pretty chic, minimalist look, but also a pretty good sound – promises the manufacturer. For the Move Pro neodymium HD drivers are provided and for the convenience of a cable-integrated hands-free and media control function.

The Move Pro is delivered in a chic, objectively designed package. This is the in-ear, hidden in a rather robust, thought-out, but also relatively heavy transport case. The tricky thing is that the handset and cable are wrapped around a gripping, relatively heavy 2-component core, which then disappears in the small case made of robust fabric fiber. An equally tidy as well as safe solution. Other accessories are four pairs of ear pieces in different sizes, a cleaning and transport tube, a cleaning cloth and a cable clip for strain relief. A mini-jack adapter Teufel have not the Move Pro unfortunately.


Friends of a reduced, minimalist design, the Move Pro is likely to be right away, because both the aluminum fiber-coated connecting cable, as well as the gray-black earphones themselves, look serious and elegant. A remote control is integrated in the center of the cable to the left handset, which is used to interact with iOS and Android devices for title navigation (forward, back, pause) and to call the voice recognition.

Inner values

The neodymium HD drivers mentioned at the outset act against the headphone amplifier with a very moderate impedance of approx. 16 Ohm and can be correspondingly synonymous with some low-power mobile devices still well. The frequency range specifies Teufel with 20 to 20,000 Hz.


Apart from the tidy look also makes the good handling fun. This is mainly due to the very unrelated cable, which – you do not knot it together willfully, but rolled it after use always in the case – pleasantly smooth and orderly behaves.


The Move Pro’s “sound” is immediately apparent. The most striking feature here is the pronounced “punch” in the area of ​​the bass centers and basses – assuming, of course, that the in-ear has been used properly. Because, when the “Move Pro” do not sit really “tight” in the auditory canal, like all In-Ears, they can not unfold their sonic qualities. If the earplugs are inserted airtight, they shine with a very precise and crisp transient representation, from which in particular beats profit in any form. Particularly contemporary productions in the house, hip-hop and R’n’B stage the in-ear accordingly with an inspiring directness: Everything sounds compact, powerful and present. The “Move Pro”, however, buys the fact that he is slightly less motivated in the area of ​​the heights. Classical, Jazz and high-quality acoustic productions therefore do not seem quite so “glitzy” and “airy”. The stereo field is correspondingly a bit closer. Since heights always attract attention, in some cases even “stressful”, the Teufel-In-Ear appears quite relaxed and powerful in its tonal weighting.

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