1More E1001L Review

The loss of the headphone jack forces iPhone 7 users to rethink: Simply buy any headphones, is no longer possible, either Bluetooth or – who likes cable-bound prefer – Lightning must now be. Good, that 1more with the E1001L an Apple certified Lightning headphones in the program has.

Like the little brother without Lightning-Adapter (winner of the Best-of-Show-Award on the CanJam 2016), the E1001L is delivered with comprehensive and tasteful accessories.

The first glance is the noble and airy design. The approx. 120 cm long cable is fabric-sheathed, Kevlar-reinforced according to the manufacturer, and “tangle-free”. The haptically very pleasant remote control included in the cable includes the telephone and audio control, which can be operated very easily and logically. The microphone is located a little further up the cable and sits thus perfectly close to the mouth.


When plugging the lightning connector, the app-store automatically points out that a 1more app is available. This is free and fast, but due to the (in the App Store) completely in Chinese description is not clear to what purpose this app actually should have.
What I have found out by “trial” is that it issues test sounds, which should “play” the headphones. The whole thing, however, lasts over 12 hours, in which I can not load the iPhone, let alone use otherwise. Whether the battery is synonymous, I have not tested. On the meaningfulness of the recording of headphones one can argue excellently and possibly see Audiophile the different, but if 1more this functionality already offers, A detailed description would be desirable. This leaves the app connection a disappointing impression.

The microphone is in the right place, but the voice quality of the microphone leaves a lot to be desired. A basic noise drowns my language, so that my conversation partner – even in quiet environments – must be very focused. Whether it is because I have not used a new iPhone 7, but the older version 6, finally can not clarify, but an MFi certification should actually ensure that it works with all iPhones equally well.

[UPDATE: The German distributor told us shortly after the publication of the test that a firmware update should solve the problem of voice quality. We have already returned our test copy, so we can not check it. All users, who are struggling with microphone problems, should therefore load the 1more app from the App Store and then update the firmware of the E1001L accordingly. ]

The control via the remote control works wonderfully smooth and easy. The wearing comfort is super, thanks to ergonomically angled design you can hardly feel the E1001L. And the included five pairs of silicone and three pairs of foam pads also contribute.


The sound of the E1001L from 1more is very balanced, you can hear the three drivers (per listener): a Balanced-Armature-driver serves the middle as well as high frequency range, the dynamic driver worries only the basses. My song, “Slave To The Rhythm” by Grace Jones, simply makes fun on this in-ear and does not show any particular abnormalities. Overall, it is therefore very pleasant as well as balanced and convinces with a lot of spatial depth. The basses are present, without pushing too much, the midrange is good, only the highs are a little over-emphasized for the otherwise relatively linear sound, which is not very tragic. The 4-time Grammy award winner and sound engineer Luca Bignardi will also be responsible for sound matching.

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