AKG K518 DJ Review

The AKG K518 DJ is a legitimate successor to the AKG K81, which has been on the market for 10 years, to set a new milestone in the entry-level market segment at AKG. He wants to maintain the good qualities of his predecessor naturally seamlessly.

Just like its famous predecessor, the K518 DJ is a very light-weight representative of its genre, which weighs just 150 grams. In combination with the swing-away and rotating ear cups, this makes it an ideal companion for traveling, where a fully-evolved echinoderm might be useful as a fashion statement, but otherwise not very practical.

Due to its small size, the K581 DJ is self-supporting. The external noise shield is nevertheless respectable and the seat relatively tight, which effectively prevents slipping. Includes a transport bag and a mini-link / jack adapter. The cable feed is made on both sides by a straight cable that can not be exchanged. If you buy a K518, I can reveal it as a longtime K81 owner, will be glad about the fact that there is an industry size like AKG still after years earpads as a spare part to buy. For me, in eight years at least three pairs were due, whereby I must admit that among them were some very sweaty DJ sets.

The fact that the K581 DJ is a pleasure to listen to, is primarily due to its sound, in which the surprisingly surprising bass volume is striking. The sound of the K518 DJ has a good sound and the treble is typical AKG. The spatial resolution alone could be a bit wider. This is always synonymous at the expense of the perceived directness goes and straight in the wide musical field of the EDM makes the AKG quite fun.

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