The company Superlux is one of the manufacturers of audio technology, which is located in the absolute low-price segment. The fact that the cheap headphones are always good for a surprise and often much more expensive competitive products can reach the water, has already been around the scene. Does this also apply to the semi-open studio headphones HD681F?

The Superlux HD681F is a semi-open, dynamic headphone with ear-buds, designed for use in the studio. Its semi-open design predestines it as a listening tool for editing, mixing, mastering as well as restrictions for the monitoring of musicians, such as singers. In the case of particularly conversational-sensitive applications or in noisy environments, headphones of closed design are still to be preferred. Its low impedance allows the Superlux HD681F to play on mobile players in a completely satisfactory volume.

Scope of delivery / Accessories

The left-hand, non-interchangeable smooth cable of the HD681F is equipped with a gilded 3.5 mm stereo plug and screw-on adapter to 6.35 mm. The additional scope of delivery is limited to a nylon transport bag, which is quite satisfactory in view of the price.


The self-adjusting mechanism for the adaptation of the headband works just as well as with the inspirers from Austria, faultlessly. With 230 grams (without cable) the weight drops moderately and the headphones are very comfortable with a mE optimal contact pressure. Of the soft ear cushions made of artificial leather and the plastic headband, one should not expect sensational breathing activity, but they are easy to clean. The ear cushions are interchangeable and as an optional accessory, a suede version is also available which increases the overall good wearing comfort if necessary.

Optics / Processing

The HD681F is certainly not a design icon, yet its black and white coloring does not look so ennoble. Only at closer inspection is the simplicity of the materials used, since the headphones are mainly used in studio work, this point should not have high importance. However, there is nothing wrong with the processing of the test object, which means that a long-lasting studio operation is not an obstacle.


Superlux has some models called HD-681 on offer. The final abbreviation “F” stands for “flat” and is intended to indicate a largely linear frequency response. And again, a headphone of the Superlux brand succeeds in inspiring me: the transparent reproduction characteristics are definitely amazing! Transients are accurately reproduced and the stereo stage is largely natural. The tuneful linear frequency reproduction is worthy of a professional performance and permits sound assessments and interventions in all studio applications. As with some comparable analytical headphones, the sound may be slightly chilled with a subtly decent bass and a focus on the high frequency components, which makes it easier to use the audio material. In direct comparison to significantly more expensive reference headphones, which cost up to 50 times (!) Of the Superlux HD681F, of course, small smears in the spatial resolution and nuances of the frequency mapping. In summary, it is a tremendous disrespect to offer such reproductions at such a low price!



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