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Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier for 115,69€

  • by Tyler
  • 1 year ago
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A trend that is in full swing in Asia and America, but has not yet really arrived in Germany are air cleaners. Stylish, small devices that clean up the air of pollutants and allergens and thus ensure a pleasant room climate. High-quality variants in DE cost already times 400€ +, the Xiaomi Smart Mi air cleaner comes thereby clearly cheaper.

Xiaomi Mi Smart air purifier

IMPORTANT : When you select Priority Line ( Germany Express )  during the ordering process, GearBest pays the customs fees for you, so there are no additional costs . Shipping usually takes no longer than 14 days.

Our user CJ works with an air filter manufacturer and has told us extensively and professionally about the Mi Luftreiniger after testing the device at the company. The filter element per se and the overall package were tested. According to Xiaomi, the filter has the H11 standard, which would already be a good value, but the test revealed H13 . This means that the filter belongs to the highly efficient filters, which provide a filter performance of up to 99.95% . It would only be H14, which would mean 99.9%, the average value for an air purifier is H11.

Xiaomi Smart Mi air cleaner display
You can switch between four different modes via app

The Xiaomi air purifier is not only very stylish, but can produce up to 388m³ of clean air per hour and filters formaldehyde (did not know this is a big problem), smoke, dust and also PM2.5 particles (ie fine dust). Particles in the size 0.1 μm-0.3 μm are filtered out. Particles in size 0.1 μm are so small that they are not filtered by our lungs and go directly into the bloodstream. The technicians in CJ’s office were thrilled. It is also possible to use via the app ( Android, iOS ), which allows you to switch between automatic mode, sleep mode, high-speed mode and plan mode. The power consumption is 31 watts.

Particularly for pollen allergic persons such air cleaners are recommended and this is recommended, not least because it is so rare that a Chinese manufacturer in modesty in the product application (H11 indicated instead of H13 in the laboratory result). Whoever wants to do something good for himself and his environment should think about the purchase. Replacement filters for the air purifier are available at GearBest.

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