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Microsoft Modern Mouse Wireless Mouse will cost $50

Microsoft has no high-profile announcements of expanded mouse data range of input devices Modern Mouse, sales of which will be launched in the near future.


Novelty refers to the wireless type. To connect to a computer connection is Bluetooth 4.0. The claimed range of up to 10 meters on an open space and 5 meters indoors.

The manipulator is characterized by a minimalist design. He allegedly lies comfortably in the hand, and thanks to the symmetrical shape is not only right-handed, but left-handers.

Mouse got two buttons with a clear response and a scroll wheel, made of metal. Dimensions are 115.1 × 64.0 × 33.5 mm; weight – about 91 grams.

Power provide two AAA standard element. According to Microsoft’s statements, charge these batteries last about a year of use.

It is important to note that the manipulator Modern Mouse is suitable for use only with devices running Windows operating systems – Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. To interface with computer-based macOS fail. Buy novelty will be an estimated price of US $50.

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