Xiaomi USB Type-C headphones announced

Xiaomi announced this week a new version of their Mi headphones, whose most striking feature this time is a type C USB port.

Anyone who has followed the announcement and the equipment of the Xiaomi Mi 6, for which comes the step not so surprising. The new flagship smartphone of the Chinese has, like the iPhone 7, no more jack socket, and only a USB-C connector. The new headphones are aimed at owners of the Mi 6 as well as other devices with a USB-C connection. Without Type-C connection you have nothing of the headphones, of course.

Xiaomi USB Type C headphone cable

The headphones also have a reworked design with a titanium trim and a braided sheathing of the cable. On the cable there will be a microphone as well as an integrated remote control, via which volume and Playlist can be controlled.

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