Hafury Umax Review

Hafury! What sounds like a deafening sneeze is actually a sub-brand from Cubot. For less than 80 euros, the manufacturer in the Hafury Umax with a 6-inch display and handsome battery attracts attention. Whether size is really everything, the test should show.

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Design and processing

For under 80 euros are there only unsightly plastic bombers? This may apply to many, but not to the Hafury Umax. Despite its size (16.6 x 8.4 x 0.98 cm, weight: 153 grams), it is quite slim and therefore looks elegant in simple black. It is much more funky in the available color combo “gold/white”.

And the SIM card, where does it sit? Good question. After intensive searching and fumbling on the case, the puzzle is solved: The slots for SIM cards and micro SD are located under the backcover. The great advantage, however, is that an old battery can be easily replaced in this way. Also in Umax the memory extension with simultaneous dual-sim usage is possible! The soft material of the matte shell looks nice, but crater can be seen after only a few days of use without a protective cover.

Also, the design is very simple: on the right side there are on/off buttons and loud/quiet rocker, which close almost flush with the outer sleeve, but have a little bit too much play. At the top are jack and charging jacks attached, the last one is very habitful (more under “battery”).

Scope of delivery of the Hafury Umax

In short: Hafury is not very generous, but also not overly stingy. In addition to the Umax are the package: a transparent silicone sleeve, a power supply and a USB charging cable. On the display sticks a slightly thicker foil, which offers however neither great protection, nor beautiful looks.


The heart of the Hafury Umax is the huge screen. Sat 6 inches measures the IPS screen and thus falls clearly into the category “Phablet”. The resolution of 1280 x 720 sounds good, down to the pixels per inch is a value of 245 ppi. This is just too little for a display of this size. Users who value razor-sharp images or HD movies would be disappointed.

All other applications such as navigation, e-books or games benefit from the possibilities of the Mega-screen. Exceptionally, the touch screen can register ten touches at the same time . In this price class, the soft touch buttons, which are not illuminated, also make the handling of the smartphone considerably easier. Even though Miravision, a tool for improving the visual effects, is on board, the colors look pale and the brightness Is generally too low. The viewing angle stability also leaves something to be desired.

Battery life

The Hafury can be seen in terms of recharge time. 4500 mAh on the paper, 4300 mAh in the test means in any case one day carefree hand-held.  Who does not take his smartphone so often on hand, comes also on two days running time. In the PC-Mark battery test, the smartphone went out after 9,5 hours. Compared with, for example, a Blackview P2 Lite (5000 mAh), the whopping two hours more. Quickcharge does not exist, once fills takes four hours.

The great advantage, as already mentioned, is the exchangeable battery. The only criticism is the loading socket at the top. This does not matter if you only use it to hang the mobile phone at the cable. But as soon as the Hafury is useful in the car, for example, the cable hangs in the way or is too short.


Android 7 nougat

Fortunately, Hafury equipped the Umax “only” with an unchangedAndroid 7.0. Immediately you find yourself in the clean system right, zero acclimatization necessary. The menu, apps and settings can be found where they belong. The App-Drawer features the convenient “Search Apps” feature. As simple as the user interface may be, one does not have to put both hands on the display – 6 inches are not a cardboard handle.


For under 100 euros there is no raking monster, that should be clear. A low-budget processor (MT6580) and narrow 2GB Ram ensure that the Umax is sometimes a bit sluggish. Standard tasks are no problem, even simple games run smoothly – but with larger computer tasks the device quickly reaches its limits.

Network, telephony, connectivity

The Hafury Umax presents no problems with telephone calls and SMS. The signal strength was good throughout (D-Netz) and the conversation partner was clearly and clearly to hear. Delicate, small hands should pretend with a breakfast board at the ear, the size is habituationbedürftig. Also the surfing works flawlessly, however, the Umax maximizes 3G. On LTE one must dispense, on dual SIM with simultaneous memory expansion on the other hand.

The integrated loudspeaker is weak on the chest and rattles unpleasantly at full volume. Negatively noticed is the operation by means of the volume buttons, that the increase is only stepwise, “pressures” does nothing. The sound quality is completely correct via the jack connection.

The WLAN reception is strong, 802.11b/g/n mean: maximum of a 2.4GHz network with a transmission speed of up to 300 Mbit/s. The GPS reception was reliable and on a two-hour drive did not allow any misfunctions in the navigation. Schmalhan’s kitchen chef is known for the sensors: the Umax registers acceleration, approximation and light.


The performance of the camera surprised. Not because it would depend on the whole competition; But because it provides in relation to the price of the device really solid recordings. Sure, the colors are not the most knacky and the edges are not the sharpest. But the 13 megapixel snapshots come in the daylight reasonable on the screen. Generally, however, the images are always over-exposed, especially the sky is clearly too bright. For an 80 € device, the performance is still above average.

Even in low light conditions, photos can still be shot without flash. And because the flash interferes with soft light, the result can still be seen. Selfie-Queens can look forward to a “soft light” at the front. The image stabilizer, which is on board but does not contribute as much as it does, is unnecessary.

Buy Hafury Umax at GearBest.com for $89.99

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