Chromecast Ultra Review

The players in the Chromecast range have managed to make a very important gap in the current market and, this is so, due to its good options that come with a price of the most attractive. In this article we tested the Chromecast Ultra , the most powerful model the Mountain View company has released to date.

Aesthetically this device maintains the circular shape that was already of the game in the previous generation, although in this case it is only possible to get a Chromecast Ultra black. With dimensions that allow you to connect it to almost any TV with an HDMI port, this accessory does not disappoint at all, allowing you to send content from a mobile device with iOS and Android operating system – where the Google Home app looks like basic.

The installation is simple. Physically, the integrated HDMI cable must be connected to the corresponding port on the TV. In what concerns the synchronization of the software, in the aforementioned application includes a simple and intuitive assistant that makes it possible in less than five minutes to have everything operational, regardless of the knowledge you have. No doubt Google has done a great job with Chromecast Ultra.

Chromecast Ultra enhancements

Well there are several that come with this model and we have proven that they are effective both when watching a movie, listen to music and, of course, run applications directly such as games. An example is that the Chromecast Ultra is 1.8 times faster than previous generations – both in WiFi connection (2.54 and 5 GHz compatible) and work inside. The result is a better user experience. By the way, the player does not need a rechargeable battery, as it acquires the power through a microUSB port.

The new Chromecast Ultra offers greater compatibility as it is capable of playing 4K-quality video and also those that offer HDR and Dolby Vision . That is, the well-defined image that allows you to take advantage of the latest TVs such as Samsung’s QLED . By the way, to ensure a stable data rate, a  cable adapter (Ethernet) is integrated, which is to be thanked in the event that wireless connectivity is not the best possible.

Ethernet adapter included with Chromecast Ultra

The truth is that if you want to make an economic player -Chromecast Ultra costs 79 euros -, it is a very valid option this model. Of course, with the new TVs Smart TV many of the options offered already are included in them natively, so you have to be very clear what use will be given – especially when sending content from smartphones. The fact is that its operation is optimal , and when using it are few disappointments that can be had with it, especially now that the Ethernet adapter is present when removing it from the box.

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