Aukey Dashboard Camera Review

The AUKEY Dashboard Camera is a model that is designed by and to be used in the car. It is placed on the front glass and allows to record everything that happens while it is circulating. It has some interesting elements, such as its integrated screen and quite small dimensions.

The most important thing about this accessory is that it allows you to document everything that happens when you are driving , which can always be helpful if you have a problem, such as an accident while driving. Even AUKEY Dashboard Cae lets you add what you see on the roads in on a holiday trip, whether you are still a historical monument or a landscape that impacts.

The screen that integrates into the device is two-inch LCD type and its functionality is basically a reference, so you should not be asked for anything in terms of tactility and integration. The picture quality is not particularly good, but it gives you the necessary to see that you are focusing on the desired place and if everything goes as it should – besides showing the options that are controlled with the integrated buttons.

When it comes to assembly in the car, there are several things to comment. It has a suction cup accessory that allows the AUKEY Dashboard Camera to be placed on the front glass without the slightest problem (since the product is not very big, it is possible to locate it almost anywhere without removing a large field of view). There is also the necessary adapter to place the camera on the dashboard .






The camera is powered by the use of a miniUSB cable – there is no battery, since the use is intended for a running car – which can be connected to the adapter provided to a car plug without any problem (this includes two Exits, in case you need to charge the phone, for example). If you ask for the place where the recordings are stored, this is done on a microSD card which can be a maximum of 128 GB, so manipulating and sharing the videos is as simple and compatible.

AUKEY Dashboard Camera Power Adapter

AUKEY Dashboard Camera Final Issues

The sensor integrated in the AUKEY Dashboard Camera is a model of Sony, specifically an IMX323 , that offers a very interesting angle: 170 degrees. The truth is that the recordings are quite good – in low light suffer a little – with Full HD quality at 30 FPS (reaches 60 frames per second at 720p). This is a more than sufficient element for its purpose, but as we have indicated maybe the quality of construction could be better. We liked it enough that the results are quite stabilized , which is grateful since the roads can have many bumps.

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