Samsung Gear VR 2017 Review

An example of what we say is clear in the new version of the glasses Samsung Gear VR that we have analyzed and in which we have discovered new developments both in its use as in the aesthetic section. We tell you.

This new delivery is compatible with both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, so these are the ones you should get if you want to enter the world of virtual reality with the latest high-end terminals of the Korean company. The truth is that there is a great revolution in what is offered in the Samsung Gear VR, but significant advances, for example, that the new model is black , which we think gives them a more attractive appearance.

In manufacturing, we continue to count on the collaboration of Oculus, one of the great companies in the world of virtual reality, so the good behavior is assured in its own. By the way, this company is the one that also creates the software that synchronizes the Samsung Gear VR with the phone in question and, to date, there is no complaint in the work done.

Getting Started with the Samsung Gear VR

These new glasses designed by and for virtual reality weigh 345 grams , which is not much and do not feel too tired to give continuous use (the material of manufacture is plastic). When testing them, the comfort is good, at least in our option, and the anchoring system that is used is the same as in the model they replace in the market, which already worked quite well.

Distancoia Samsung Gear VR

One of the new features of this new Samsung Gear VR is that the internal connection port is USB type C , which eliminates the compatibility with previous terminals of the Korean company, but as we have indicated the entire range Galaxy S8 if possible Use (and, of course, the option will be present on all powerful manufacturer terminals that include this interface). By the way, by placing the terminal in question, has given us the feeling that the finish is of a higher quality … which provides safety in use.






Included on the right side of the Samsung Gear VR is there a touch pad that allows you to interact with what you see with the glasses. Additionally, in this place are the Home and Back buttons , which are accompanied by the volume ones that, perhaps, have a slightly shorter course than expected.

Using the Samsung Gear VR Specs

Samsung Gear VR Details

The lenses that are integrated in the glasses have 42 millimeters that allow a field of vision of 101 degrees, which is beneficial to obtain a good experience of use when creating real environments. They have distortion and correction technology, without lacking the system of distance management by means of a wheel that allows to adjust to the maximum the exact point that the user needs to correctly stimulate the Samsung Gear VR.

In the interior of the accessory there are different sensors : gyroscope, accelerometer and proximity, which are the ones that allow you to “understand” the movements that are made with the glasses placed. But if there is something that is new and essential in the glasses is the external controller that is included with these and that is used as a one-hand control mode.

Command included in Samsung Gear VR

There are two great virtues provided by this new accessory. The first is that comfort is greater since the user is not forced to constantly move the head and eyes to perform actions (which prevents possible dizziness in many cases). The second virtue is that it makes it much more natural to use the interface of the Samsung Gear VR, since with the hand is all more intuitive additionally they approach a little more to what the competition offers. By the way, this runs on batteries and is small, but fits well in the hand – and all the necessary buttons are integrated … even, a trigger is added.

Experience with the Samsung Gear VR

The interface of use (Oculus Home) is practically the same of the previous generations, reason why there are no great changes here. Of course, there are more and more applications. Without reaching the visual levels of glasses using computers, it has to be said that s e has improved a lot and that the sensation when playing and enjoying content is good – with graphics that are of quality – since the Galaxy screen S8 so allows. Therefore, there is improvement and it takes a step forward.

The new Samsung Gear VR glasses have a price of 129 euros , which is not exorbitant to get a good experience to use when enjoying the virtual reality and also offers the great improvement to include the external control. They are worth it.

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