Meizu M5 Note Review

We have tested a new mid-range china smartphone that fits perfectly with users looking for a model with a large screen. We refer to the Meizu m5 note, a device that tells us the most important thing it offers and the sensations that it has left us when giving it use.

This is a fairly complete model in general and it does not lack some accessories that have become essential in phones today. An example is the fingerprint reader built into the Home button (which, by the way, keeps the power to use it in a variety of ways since it provides extensive functionality that is common in Meizu devices). By the way, when it comes to recognizing the pulsations with the finger, there is no complaint since the answer is quite fast.

Meizu m5 footprint reader note

Meizu m5 footprint reader note

In what has to do with the operating system, we are facing one of the most obvious failures that we have found in the Meizu m5 note. This we say because the integrated Android version is Marshmallow , when it is logical at this point is Nougat. It includes customization with some modifications, which are not all bad, but sometimes do not contribute many things (an example is the clock that offers the terminal). The case is that it is expected that in not much the phablet get its update.

Appearance of the Meizu m5 note

Aesthetically this model is attractive, of that there is no doubt. With metal as the material of manufacture, the phone is right in the hand. It does not offer the option to access the battery, since it is unibody type, but the sensations are of a well finished and robust device. And, this, always brings confidence in the user. In addition, the screen is correct with regard to what occupies in the frontal (above 70%).

Using the Meizu m5 note

Using the Meizu m5 note

With a thickness below 9mm and weighing 175 grams, the Meizu m5 note is a terminal that has everything well located, such as the side buttons that you get quite well. Of course, at the bottom we discover that the connectivity is microUSB in what has to do with the cable, so it walks Type-C. Here is also the speaker, which is powerful, but that is not a location that we love, Nor much less.

Hardware and multimedia of the Meizu m5 note

There is no big change in this smartphone compared to what it replaces, and an example of what we say is that the processor is a MediaTek Helio P10 , which has demonstrated many times its solvency (includes a GPU mali-T860). The RAM is 3 GB, so it is perfectly done and, the whole, has left us an experience of use that does not disappoint in any section, including games – although the loading times are not the lowest.

Playing game Meizu m5 note

Playing game Meizu m5 note

With 16 or 32GB (expandable) storage options, the Meizu m5 note includes a 4,000 mAh battery with fast charge. This is an excellent detail, since it allows an autonomy that surpasses the day of habitual use without problem some. And, remember, it is not a particularly heavy model. Very well here for the Chinese company.

In what has to do with the screen, it should be noted that this component is possibly the best of the Meizu m5 note. With good image quality and solvent definition, even the brightness and colors stand out. Its dimensions are 5.5 inches make it a phablet, and the IPS panel has a resolution of 1080P. That is fulfilled and the best in its market segment.

Camera of the Meizu m5 note

The terminal meets without excessive problems, but in some moments – especially when the light conditions are not the best – suffers a bit the 13MP sensor with F/2.2 aperture included. The average user will be satisfied, but by its price range there are now better things in the Lenovo or Huawei market . With Full HD recording, in selfies the Meizu m5 note is also solvent.

This model, which already comes from Meizu Spain so it has full warranty (which is a great detail), has two prices according to the storage it offers: 229 euros the 16GB model and 242 which reaches the thirty-two ” Gigas “.

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